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How does it work? has been around for quite some times (2012) and has been one of the first to offer online divorce services. Their online services are similar to all of the other providers online. You will need to sign up for their service, answer a list of questions based on your situation and your divorce details and once your completed the question, and you will be able to download the custom divorce forms based on your responses.

What does it Cost?

MDP is by far one of our favorite options for filing a divorce online when compared to other services on the web. There pricing is pretty straight forward, they charge $159 one-time charge to prepare and review your divorce documents. This is literally saving you thousands in divorce fees when going about it the traditional rate. For the cost of $159 for all of the services included with them, this is a no brainer when you’re looking for a cost effective way, especially if you and your spouse are a little strapped for cash.

What do they offer?

  • File a divorce in all 50 states, including Canada
  • 100% Court acceptance Guaranteed or your money back granted there was an error on their part
  • Dedicated case manager provided via email and phone
  • Unlimited document updates
  • Free Video Library on taxes, estate planning and much more!
  • Detailed instructions on serving your spouse
  • Complete Martial settlement agreement
  • Free name change for wives
  • Thorough service support
  • Free parenting plan is also included
  • Child related forms are included
  • 15 years in business
  • Print divorce forms
  • Child support calculator
  • Alimony calculator
  • Unlimited telephone support

Any Guarantees?

  • Reducing stress during this time of filing for a divorce from a spouse and having guarantees make things much easier. offers a 100% money back guarantee if your documents are rejected due to an error on their part. If this happens to you rest assured that you will be taken care of. Additionally, there are some instances when a refund will not be offered, here are a few examples:
    • The customer finds another competitor
    • Your spouse has already filed for divorce
    • If forms are rejected, you must provide a copy rejection letter provided by the court
    • If you simply just change your mind about the divorce.
  • These conditions are pretty fair when comparing to other providers or simply if you have ever paid for a service like cable.

What are people saying?

  • The progress was very easy and professional customer service. I am glad I utilize their services, I recommend them and the process was quick with a great turnaround for your paperwork. Thanks.
  • The service was very helpful, gave me peace of mind, got me through the process without breaking the bank. i am truly pleased and thankful for this service.
  • The process was long but to be expected. But it was not hard to complete. There was not a lot legal jargon in it. So you could actually understand what you were being asked.

Final Verdict

  • After placing multiple calls to this company to verify their levels of customer service and the backed portal, we are confident in saying that this is a great company and should be strongly considered if you are looking to file for a divorce at a minimum cost. Additionally, out of all of the companies online, they literally have the most reviews we could find and were rated no lower than 4 stars overall from 1000’s reviews.


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