The Ultimate Guide to a Quick & Cheap Divorce

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The Ultimate Guide to a Quick & Cheap Online Divorce


Intro: Article is setup to help you have the cheapest divorce possible no matter the situation, uncontested or contested.


STEP1: Evaluate if you qualify for a quickie divorce

Requirements (pic then of word requirement and indept breakdown in words): To make a divorce be able to happen quickly, here are the things that are needed:

  • Uncontested vs Contested
    • Are you and your spouse on the same page or willing to make this process as easy as possible? (a paragraph under each section of requirements explained fully)
    • If you think your divorce is on the borderline of uncontested or contested, use a mediator to make sure things stay on par. Figuring out who gets what or talking through unresolved issues to help move the process along will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  • Residency
    • Typically a state requires for you to have residency of atleast 90days
  • Know your states grounds for divorce
    • Most states offer a no fault divorce, (pic with list of states)
  • Urgency


STEP 2: Pick an affordable online divorce service

  • How to pick
  • What to consider
  • How to avoid issues
  • Ask questions
  • Our top 3 providers

STEP 3: Print out paperwork

  • Turn it in to your local court
  • Filing fees range from a couple of hundred to a thousand
    • How to save money on divorce papers

Step 4 WAIT 90s DAY




10 ways to save time

10 ways to save money



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