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Find everything you need to file a divorce online in your state.

Online Divorce Process

Uncontested or Contested

Uncontested or Contested

First step is to figure out if you and your spouse are on the same page. If not, then you have a contested divorce on your hands.

Use an Online Service

Use an Online Service

If uncontested, find a affordable online service that will help you fill out the paperwork necessary.

File the Paperwork

File the Paperwork

Print out your complete divorce papers and take them to your local court house to get your divorce process filed.

State Divorce Procedures

Figure out the divorce process in your state without the hassle of browsing through complicated government sites or spending hours browsing multiple sites.

We have collected and written down the divorce process for all 50 states to help you reduce the stress of finding the needed steps to file a divorce in your state. Each step by step guide was created with the average person in mind, so we made sure to remove a lot of law Jargon that confuses most of us.

Each state’s laws are considered in our write up and you’re able to quickly get an understanding of the divorce process in your state and you’ll know whats your next step in your journey.

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Divorce Forms

Each state has a different set of divorce forms and paperwork that’s needed to properly complete your filling. There are hundreds of forums on the web that are either updated and will waste a lot of your time by getting your divorce papers rejected by your local city clerk.

Don’t fall into this trap. We’ve gone out and found the necessary divorce forms you need for your state and provide them free of charge as a resource. All the divorce forms are provided from the state that you reside, and if you like to file your divorce yourself, then these will be the forms you can use to get things going.

Online Divorce Services

If your searching for the best online divorce services on the web, we have reviewed the best and has thrown away the rest! Each of the reviews written for these services is to ensure that people are truly getting what they are paying for.

All reviews include the pricing, customer service quality, guarantees, prior customer reviews, hands on platform reviews, quality of forms and the ease of filling out your divorce files and downloading them. If you are in the process of filling and just need a great resource that gives you the best services for filing a divorce online, you can count on our reviews!

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Guides & Articles

Sometimes you need a little more advice from experts or you just need some help on figuring out how to deal with your emotions during divorce. Don’t worry, our blog is geared towards being an ongoing resource for filing an online divorce, marriage, finances, child custody, alimony, emotions, child support, legal separation, military divorce and the list goes on.

Our articles and guides are only written to help you along your journey and to make things as easy as possible by providing guidance that you can actually use.

Divorce Mediation

Sometimes trying to file an uncontested divorce can be complicated when your spouse is not ready or not willing to put aside feelings to make the most rational decision. In these cases, instead of wasting 10’s of thousands on a divorce attorney, the best option is for you to use a divorce mediator to help both sides get what they want without the costly bill from a lawyer.

We have and continue to gather a list of mediators that will help you save money, but most of all, save you time and less stress when dealing with your divorcing your spouse.

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Questions & Answers

There are so many questions out there regarding the divorce process or dealing with a spouse during this difficult time. We understand this and we have the largest collection of divorce questions listed on our site that is geared towards helping you find the answer to your questions.

Each of the questions and answers that we have listed on our site is setup to make sure that you have some guidance to your questions.

Our Writers & Contributors

Our writers and contributors are dedicated to providing only the best content and advice on the web on the subject of divorce. If it’s not a personal experience we share to provide advice on, we make sure that all of our content is well researched and is geared towards educating.

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