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3StepDivorce.com Review


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Our 3 step divorce review includes our feedback of their platform, customer service, guarantees, service features, process and much more. If you haven’t it guessed already or seen our other reviews online, 3stepdivorce.com is our favorite online divorce service provider, and we have it rated as the top overall pick.

How does 3stepdivorce.com works?

They have a pretty easy process similar to other divorce sites in this market space.
Step 1: They verify if you qualify for an online divorce by asking you a few questions that will take you no time to answer. If you can’t find your spouse or if your divorce is contested, you will not be able to file a divorce online no matter the provider you go with. Once you qualify you are prompted to create an account to get started.

Step 2: You’ll then begin the process of answering a questionnaire that is set up to gain the necessary information about your divorce. The questions are nothing complex and do not have a lot of legal jargon in them. Best of all, they have set up the platform to not confuse you but to help you get the paperwork done fast.

As we tested this the platform, there’s no way anyone can get confused when going through this the questionnaire. You don’t have to finish in one seating, although all questions can be answered within an hour, you can always come back and continue where ever you left off.

Step 3: Unlike other providers, your divorce forms are completed and ready to print as soon as you complete the questionnaire. Along with being able to print your paperwork instantly, you’re also able to print instructions on how to file for divorce in your state.

What does it Cost?

Although the price is higher than some competitors, they have great payment options and even a $50 off rebate option (more below). You can either pay upfront for their service or pay over 4 few installments and get started for $84.

Their one-time cost to file a divorce with them is $299 and if you can’t afford it all upfront, they’ll allow you to pay 2-4 payment increments to help you get your divorce filing completed right away. The most you will pay paying in 4 installments will be $336, and although it’s higher than some other online providers, their service quality and customer service is worth it.

Bonus: If you choose to pay using installments it will Not Delay Your Divorce.

Same-Day Filling Rebate
Want $50 dollars off your cost? 3stepdivorce.com offers a rebate if you file your divorce papers within one business day of your start date, they’ll refund you $50 back to your bank! This is a pretty great deal if you’re truly considering getting a divorce filed and signed right away. Because your able to finish your paperwork within an hour, it’s totally doable to file your paperwork with the local courts within that time frame. You can also have them mail your divorce papers for you.

What do they offer?

  • File a divorce in all 50 states
  • Complete forms within an hour
  • Easy to use platform
  • Bonus features
  • 30 Day money back Guarantee
  • 100% Court acceptance
  • Guaranteed unlimited phone and email support.
  • Instant document download and delivery
  • You can alter your forms as much as you like.
  • Free delivery of your divorce documents to your local court by US Priority Mail.
  • Works with children
  • Edit and change documents any time
  • Wife name change included
  • No time limits, unlimited access
  • Military spouse okay
  • Child-related forms included
  • Support all 50 states

Any Guarantees?

3Stepdivorce.com offers one of the best guarantees in the industry. They offer a 100% guarantee that all documents will be accepted by the court you file the paperwork at. If for any reason that you find yourself in a situation and your divorce paperwork was not accepted, simply reach out to them and they will make things right as long as it’s related to their documents and not user error.

In addition to a paperwork guarantee, they also guarantee that none of your information is sold or rented under any case. This is reassuring in these days and times when everyone is selling your private information online.

Extra’s they offer:

A Divorce Negotiation Platform

  • If you and your spouse find yourselves arguing over a matter, this will save you in legal fees and make coming to a reasonable compromise a much easier process. Out of all of our top providers, they are the only ones that provide such a feature and this alone makes paying a little bit more worth it.

Child Custody, Visitation and Support Tracking

  • If you and your spouse have children, this tool will make keeping records an easier and effective feature. Keeping track of support payments and visitation is in your best interest even if you and your spouse are on the same page, just in case anything happens, you will have a record to prove your case.

Divorce Dictionary

  • If you find yourself confused about the divorce process or can’t understand a certain procedure, use this divorce resource to answer all your questions. This is a helpful resource because they do not offer direct legal support and this glossary is a nice addition to have.

Free Name Change

  • 3 Step Divorce also provides help with a name change and provides a notification kit that the wife can use in order notify the required government agencies and courts of the name change.

Downloadable Resource Center

  • Along with the divorce encyclopedia that 3stepdivorce.com provides, they also give you access to their library of downloadable guides on finance, child support, legal processes, emotional support along with a host of other files!

Integrated Lawyer Support

  • They do not provide any legal assistance directly, but they do offer the ability for you to contact a lawyer at a low cost. Although this is not free and cost are not specified, it’s a helpful option to be able to ask an attorney questions regarding your divorce without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Customer Service
We called to verify that the staff was friendly so we asked a bunch of general questions about their service, divorce process and the platform. We knew the questions we asked were nothing new to them and wanted to see if we could annoy them 🙂 but to our surprise, these guys were professional, kind and helpful in providing information about getting started with their platform and service.

Our Final Verdict
Long story short, they’re by far the BEST OPTION ON THE MARKET! Their platform is very simple and easy to use, and within an hour, you can have your divorce papers completed and submitted.

A slight drawback is that they don’t offer an account manager like some other providers and they don’t provide direct legal support (which isn’t rare), they offer a great service at a great price.

With all the perks that are included with 3stepdivorce.com, along with their guarantees, online reviews, and being open since 1997, it’s a no-brainer to give these guys a try if you’re in the process of filing a divorce.

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