About Us

eDivorce was created because of the difficulty I found with finding reliable and free information on the web that actually made the divorce process easier. There were so many sites on the web offering outdated information and when I needed more information about my particular situation, there was nothing! I eventually found the information I needed after days of research and decided that THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!

With my background in research, I decided why not create a site that will help people find all the information they needed to get started on their divorce? So eDivorce was created.

eDivorce is an online resource dedicated to providing quality content from legal researchers, attorneys, mediators, paralegals, counselors and other professionals.

Our writers only goal is to make the overall divorce process much easier by providing personal accounts and professional knowledge on a wide variety of areas.

We are dedicated to providing helpful and quality content for our readers and our goal is to be the number one divorce resource on the web. To accomplish this, our content is created with you in mind.

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