About eDivorce

eDivorce.org was started in 2017. Its purpose is to help people navigate the divorce process. 

On eDivorce.org you’ll find thoroughly-researched guides to getting divorced in all 50 U.S. states. They cover:

  • The laws in your state

  • What forms and paperwork you need

  • How child custody works

  • Child support

  • Spousal maintenance (aka alimony)

  • How property is divided

  • Where to get help, including legal aid organizations

  • Other relevant family law topics

Starting in 2022 we are updating our guides, adding more details and sources so they’re even more comprehensive and trustworthy.

If you’ve got questions or comments, please email us via our contact form.

We’re always looking for new writers, editors and fact-checkers. Please reach out if you have legal writing experience, or if you’re a paralegal or family law attorney.