10 Reasons Why Divorce is Good For Anyone

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By Steffan Lawson

Published Jul 22, 2022

Finding a good reason for a divorce is not the easiest thing to do, and many people have personal, family or religious reasons why a person should or should not get a divorce. Here are some of the top reasons we believe that no matter your beliefs, are a good reason to go ahead a file a divorce.

1. Roomies: You’re more like roommates than lovers

This is a very common problem in marriage that can occur after the birth of children, a demanding career, or simply letting life gets in between the relationship. You don’t hate them or feel fully in love with them as you did before, but is this a good idea to leave a spouse? Yes and NO. If you and your spouse have attempted to fix this by going on dates and spending more time with each other but your feelings are still not present, it may be a good idea to move on.

This is recommended a good idea only after you and your spouse have attempted to overcome this issue and are on the same page regarding the problems in the relationship and what caused the separation. Attempt to go to marriage counseling first to get a deeper understanding of the situation before moving on from your marriage. It’s much easier to rekindle a relationship where both parties deeply still care for one another. Typically, when things can’t be restarted, both you and your spouse will agree to split with no hard feeling in the end.

2. Growing Apart: Your not the same person you were before

Source: Wikipedia by Carl Barks

Remember that person that was so spontaneous and full of love when you first got married, but now seems more like the Scrooge McDuck now? Or your interest for the future become vastly different as you both age; you would like to become a Silicon Valley business owner and your spouse wants to move into a Tiny home in the mountains. Growing and becoming someone different is a part of being human and growth and sometimes, this leads you to grow apart from your significant other.

The main problem is that you, your spouse or both of you will begin to feel regret and the feeling of being held back by the other. When you reach this point and neither party is willing to compromise, this may be a good case for a divorce. Attempt to consult with a marriage counselor to see if there is any meeting in the middle and if it is great, stick it out and move forward.

If you’re further down the road and this has stopped you both from intimacy, talking to each other, doing things together, putting kids in the middle, it may be a good idea granted you both attempted to resolve the problem without any resolve.

3. Constant Arguing: Never ending arguments about everything

A great reason for getting a divorce is because of constant arguing that could be taking place for whatever reason. There could be a great reason for the arguments or there could be simply a spouse not pouring enough sugar in another’s coffee. The reason is not so much the problem but the effects of the arguing begin to make for an unhealthy relationship. Sure, there could have been a spouse who cheated, spent the family saving and on if there is no attempt to get to the root issue for all the arguing the relationship can become verbally and physically abusive.

A lot of arguing is simply one spouse stating that their unhappy with the other for some reason and this will affect self-confidence of the other. If your tired of arguing and attempted to get to the root cause with little help, this is a good reason to get a divorce. You deserve peace of mind.

4. Children: Unhappy parents affects children

As parents, you may feel that you're smarter than your children and hiding your marriage problems from them has been a success. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I’m certain they're aware that Mommy and Daddy are not acting normal. Children are great at picking up on feeling and interactions and can understand when a parent is mad at the other. Anytime there are kids involved in a bad marriage, it’s best to immediately seek some form of counseling.

Why? Children are also being affected by how you and your spouse are treating one another. So to protect them, if you and your spouse just can’t get on the same page, file for a divorce to save your children. Someone people stay together for the children’s sake, but this is harder on a child growing up in a household without much love being shown. This will affect their beliefs about relationships and significant others later in their lives.

5. Finances: Bad spending, budgeting and credit habits

“You spent how much.” “On what?!!!” If you find that your spouse has a total disregard for the financial health of the relationship. This is another reason why you should consider a divorce. Money or a lack of it is the number reason why individuals get a divorce in the united states. If you have a spouse spending the families nest egg on the latest gadgets, clothes, toys or on drinks with friends, it may be time to sit them down promptly. If you’ve both discussed the effects of this spending habit multiple times and it continues, it may be time to move on. Why? If your spouse is spending without any care, there is a good chance that their credit is also being affected by this, and because your married, this is having an effect on your credit also. Don’t allow someone to build debt that you have to pay for their lack of money management skills.

6. Substance Abuse: Alcohol or drug abuse

Any form of substance abuse is more than enough to file a divorce from a spouse. There are so many negative effects of substance abuse but a lot of the times a spouse will attempt to get their partner help to no avail. If this is your case, and you have attempted to them in every way imaginable, it may be best for you to divorce. These relationships can become abusive over time and can cause unnecessary worry and stress.

7. Cheater: Unfaithful Spouse in a marriage

Filing for a divorce because your spouse has cheated on you is another common reason to leave. Some have a one strike your out rule and others have much more endurance to put up with a cheating spouse. No matter if your spouse has cheated on you once or multiple times, depending on what your willing to take, this is always a good reason to get a divorce. A cheating spouse not only disrespects themselves while partaking in the act, it also shows a lack of respect for a marriage and the other spouse. If you have the strength, attempt to reach out to a marriage counselor and if you do not, that is okay. Once your trust is gone, its pretty regain it.

8. Abuse: A verbally or physically abusive marriage

Get out of the relationship! This is more than a justifiable reason for ending your divorce with your spouse. Whether it physical or verbal abuse, you must protect yourself and get help if needed to get out of the marriage as soon as possible. If this is your current situation, please reach out to thehotline.org for help right away. Getting out of these relationships are hard and the best thing you can do for yourself is to contact someone who understands these types of situations. Use the link provided above to speak with someone who can help or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.

9. Intimacy Problems: No sex drive, lack of intimacy or dissatisfaction

This is a touchy subject but is a problem that is very hard to get over in a marriage. There are multiple reasons why this could be the case, a spouse doesn’t find the other attractive any longer, sexual dissatisfaction during intimacy, or a spouse simply doesn’t want to have sex any longer. This can lead to cheating or a partner not feeling loved and attractive. Not being fulfilled sexually during a relationship can be a big problem and if the problem cannot be fixed, this could be a good reason for ending your marriage.

10. Mental Illness: Unwilling to get help for a mental health issue

If your spouse suffers from a mental health issue that has gone untreated and they refuse to get help, a divorce may be the best option. Mental health issues can range dramatically but the toll they can have on a marriage is significant. A spouse can become hyper-aggressive, violent, suspicious, paranoid and this can make another very uncomfortable. Getting help and medication may be the best solution for this person but if they are not willing, a divorce nearly every state is well warranted for these cases. Additionally, If you have children, its best to get them away from that situation to remove them from harm’s way. Also, you can share the information Mental Health America

There are so many good reasons for ending a marriage but the most important one is your peace of mind and health. Leaving a marriage because of any of the reason above grants you the ability to move on with your life and get back to enjoying life.

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂