Where to find online divorce papers

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By Valerie Keene

Published Jul 22, 2022

There are 3 options to finding online divorce papers for your state:

  1. Look up forms at your local court

  2. Buy your forms online

  3. Use an online divorce paper processor

NOTE: If you can’t agree on things with your spouse, its probably in both of your best interest to consult a local lawyer.

1. Divorce papers from state/county websites

Some states allow for you to download the forms you need on their websites and even offer online divorce filing options through e-filing. Not all states offer this nice convenience, so be sure to check out your states website to see what services are available to you.

The major downside to this is that you still have to figure out everything on your own, or make multiple trips to your local court to have your questions answered.

2. Buy divorce forms online

Like to figure things out yourself? Use our guides on the divorce process and get the divorce forms you need listed below. These forms are attorney prepared and valid in all 50 states and best of all you can get the forms for $39.95.

Findlegalforms.com has forms packages whether you’re getting a divorce with or without children as well.

If the divorce is uncontested and you’re okay with figuring things out, it’s the cheapest route.

Get started by choosing based on your situation below:

3. Use an online divorce service

If you want to not have to worry about the forms and would rather have your forms completed within an hour, we recommend you use 3StepDivorce.com for $299. You simply create an account, answer divorce related questions for your situation, and your forms will be completed and reviewed by an account specialist. Check out our review on this company and see why we highly recommend them if you’re having an uncontested divorce.

4. Hire a lawyer

If your divorce is contested and you and your spouse are not on the same page when it comes to dividing assets, child support, child custody, financial matters, or simply unable to come to form an agreement on anything, it’s best to seek an attorney. This can cost you more money and will make getting on your feet after divorce a bit harder depending on the situation.