Kentucky child support calculator

Are you a parent in Kentucky who’s divorced or going through the process of getting a divorce? How much child support will you receive or owe?

Kentucky law provides for default child support payment amounts that depend on:

  • How many children you have of this marriage,
  • Any other child support payments you may owe from other marriages
  • How much you and the other parent earn
  • How much parenting time you are responsible for.

To accompany our comprehensive guide to a Kentucky divorce, we made a child support calculator.

It incorporates the data and logic described in Kentucky Revised Statute § 403.212 and takes into account the update added in KY. REV. STAT. § 403.2121, which modifies the guidelines to account for the ever-more-common joint-custody with equal parenting time arrangement.

Download the spreadsheet here

Note: this calculator works best on a computer, not a phone.

Spreadsheet showing the three sections of the Kentucky Child Support Calculator: Inputs, Estimated obligations, and Estimated payments
Our Kentucky child support calculator is an easy-to-use spreadsheet