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Below you will find reviews for some of the best online divorce services on the web. Our number one goal is to make finding the best online provider a breeze.

All providers services are reviewed thoroughly for paperwork quality, the speed of service, customer service, features and benefits of each, and their online reputation (testimonials) are recorded in helping us conclude who has the best online divorce service for filing a divorce.

Benefits of Using an Online Divorce Service

How much assistance do you need?

Figuring out the divorce process in your state can be a difficult task when you don’t know where to start. If you’re one who hates reading countless forms, instructions and how to guides, find an online service to guide you through the divorce process to save your sanity. But if you’re one that loves the challenge of figuring out things on your own, the divorce process will be a fun experience. For the rest of us, this is an emotional time and stressing less on the paperwork is truly the ideal case in this situation.

Sometimes if you are dealing with a spouse that is not willing to compromise, you may need to get a mediator to help you guys come to a median, but if they completely disagree and your divorce becomes a contested, both of you guys will spend tens of thousands on attorney fees. If you and your spouse have an amicable relationship, an uncontested divorce will be the best case scenario for both of you. Using an online divorce service will allow you to simply ask questions on various subjects regarding the relationship, finances, children and they will simply fill out the paperwork for you print and take your local courthouse.

Time saver

If you don’t have the time to figure things out on your own or if you’re just like the convenience of being guided through filing your paperwork, definitely use an online divorce service to help make the process fast and easy. There are horror stories of individual spending weeks and in some cases months trying to figure out how to file a divorce in their states.

Your time is more valuable than a couple hundred bucks for a service that will allow you to focus on YOU. Many of the online services will allow you to complete your paperwork in as little as 30 minutes! Yes, 30 minutes! No matter if you want to figure out the process on your own, the time you save is priceless, especially because you already have bigger headaches on your hands.

Extra support

So you have decided to file a divorce online but have so many questions about the forms, child support calculating, property distribution, finances and so much more, but you need not worry when you are utilizing a divorce filing service. Many of these services (including the ones reviewed above with 5 stars) include unlimited support through both phone and email. You are able to get a lot of support without all of the legal customer associated with filling a divorce.

These online services don’t offer legal advice but they offer the best advice on filling out the paperwork for your specific situation. Many of the service providers assign you to an account manager who will be your got to person for any questions or concerns regarding your forms. This support along is a great reason to use a divorce filing service because it really makes things simple.


This benefit cannot be overlooked when looking at the cost of filing a divorce in any state. When using an online service, you are saving yourself thousands in legal fees versus going the attorney route. If your divorce is uncontested, this is the ideal situation to save money and get on with your life.

When you file your divorce online you immediately are slashing the price for a standard divorce by 99% and the best part is that you keep that money in your pocket. An affordable divorce is a great way to save money but if you are low on funds, this is truly a no-brainer for filing a divorce.

Helpful features and perks

Having trouble figuring out child support needed? Hate figuring out and calculating finances? Or you don’t know how to go about changing your name after a divorce, worry less because these providers offer resources to help you make any and all calculations to for your divorce.

Additionally, some of these online providers offer complete video resources on everything from taxes to including divorce serving services for its customers. Most providers have many more additions, check out our reviews on the list above to see the benefits of each individual service provider.

How do you choose the best online divorce service?

The good news is that we have already done this for you and you can simply take a look above at what we consider as the best three options on the market in 2018.

If for some reason you don’t believe us or don’t like those companies, we won’t hold anything against you 😊. Use these guidelines when looking for a good service to help you file for a divorce online.

How are the online reviews?

This should be a no-brainer but sometimes we skip this step and find our selves using a plumber that’s rude or a cleaning company that just can’t clean. All it takes is a few seconds to know if a potential business is worth your money and by doing this, you will save yourself a lot of headaches in the future. If you can’t find online reviews, RUN!

How good is the customer support?

Give them a call to ask how their service works and what’s all included. Even if all of this information is already labeled on the website, the objective is to see if they have good customer service and will do all they can to help.

Navigating the divorce process can be tricky at times depending on the situation, so having customer service available that is friendly and can guide you in the right direction will make all the difference.

Do they have any guarantees?

If for any reason that they were unable to perform the service they offered, are you protected by a service Guarantee? Find out what’s included with your divorce package and what they will back up if something goes wrong. This piece of mind makes all the difference and is one of the major criteria we have used to verify our top 3 providers.

Make sure they at least have a correct paperwork guarantee, this ensures that if there is anything wrong with the paperwork they will correct it.

Are they reasonably priced?

This is totally a subjective topic, but you should make sure that whichever divorce service you choose, you should make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Don’t get caught paying $1,000 for a service that does the same thing as a service provider that charges $150. This is why the review process is so important and can make filling your divorce papers a nightmare if skipped.

Do they offer any special features or perks?

Outside of walking you through filling out your divorce papers, are there any other features that the provider is offering to customers? Some online services offer to file your paperwork, unlimited phone, and email support, help you file a name change, and some even offer law help! Check to see if there are any extra’s in the deal for you that will help ease the process.

There are many other factors to consider but these are the main things that you should be looking into when on the search for completing your divorce paperwork online. Follow these rules and you will be well on your way to selecting the right provider for your needs. DON’T SKIP THE REVIEWS!

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