3StepDivorce vs CompleteCase.com

Tags: Online Divorce, 3StepDIvorce, CompleteCase.com

By Steffan Lawson

Published Jul 21, 2022


We paid for and tested two online divorce services, 3StepDivorce and CompleteCase.com. They’re both for people who:

  • Want an uncontested divorce

  • Don’t want to pay for a lawyer

  • Do want some help navigating the numerous forms and documents required for a divorce

Which one is better? Well, it depends what you need. In general, we would recommend 3StepDivorce for most people because its pricing is a bit friendlier and allows for unlimited edits.

However, some people need a little extra help, such as with add-on legal documents like a Quitclaim deed or a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QRDO, commonly used for dividing retirement benefits). For them, CompleteCase.com’s numerous add-ons will better meet their needs.

In addition to this comparison, be sure to check out our longer, in-depth reviews of both 3StepDivorce and CompleteCase.com.


Both 3StepDivorce and CompleteCase.com offer similar core services.

Each starts with an eligibility check followed by a basic questionnaire about your current marriage. Then each walks you through a detailed questionnaire gathering more information about property, children, debts, retirement benefits, employment, and more.

The only major difference in core feature set is that CompleteCase.com is available on mobile. 3StepDivorce, however, is basically unusable on a phone.

So, if you value the ability to generate your divorce forms on the go, then CompleteCase.com is your only real option.

One difference between the two services is that you get your documents immediately with 3StepDivorce, but with CompleteCase.com there may be a delay. See our review of CompleteCase.com for more details.


Where CompleteCase.com differentiates itself is in its add-on services. In contrast to 3StepDivorce, which essentially offers no add-ons, CompleteCase.com lets users pay more for additional services:

  • Quitclaim deed generation – useful for disavowing your interest in a piece of property

  • QDRO drafting – useful for splitting up retirement benefits

  • “Platinum” service, which comes with a more robust guarantee and the convenience of CompleteCase.com doing the actual filing with the court for you

  • Parenting Classes – though these are more expensive than other options


Pricing is another area where 3StepDivorce and CompleteCase.com differ.

The core service for each is $299. However, 3StepDivorce offers a $50 rebate for filing within one business day – i.e. immediately. And sometimes you can get a 10% off discount for 3StepDivorce, which would bring the lowest theoretical cost down to just $219.

With 3StepDivorce you get access to your documents for as long as you need. And, you can make as many edits as you’d like.

CompleteCase.com requires you to subscribe for $39.99 per month to retain access past 30 days. In fact, when you sign up for CompleteCase.com, it will automatically enroll you in this subscription – something to be aware of. You can easily unsubscribe in your account settings though.

CompleteCase.com also allows “minor” edits, but may charge fees for more substantial edits.

Guarantees & Customer Service

Both CompleteCase.com and 3StepDivorce offer strong guarantees. Given that there’s a lot of factors out of their control even in the simplest divorce cases, these are reassuring guarantees.

CompleteCase.com will “refund our fees within the first 30 days of purchase if you’re unhappy with our services”.

3StepDivorce “offers a 100% guarantee that the documents will be accepted by the court”.

Both have customer service you can call to speak with a real person.


Both CompleteCase.com and 3StepDivorce are established, trustworthy businesses that offer a helpful service for people seeking an uncontested divorce.

We’d suggest 3StepDivorce for most people because of its non-subscription pricing and the ability to make as many edits as you need.

We’d recommend CompleteCase.com for people with slightly more involved divorces (e.g. splitting substantial retirement benefits) or who are willing to pay a little more for the convenience of having CompleteCase.com file your papers for you.

If you’d like more information, read our detailed reviews of 3StepDivorce and CompleteCase.com. Let us know if you’ve got any questions!