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It’s Over Easy is a new player in the arena of online divorce services and they’re here to stay. The company was founded in 2017 by celebrity Family Law attorney Laura Wasser in an effort to make the process of filing a divorce as easy as possible.

Our Rating

  1. It’s Over Easy ($999)
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Why is this a big deal?

Unlike other providers in the marketplace, It’s Over Easy provides a full-service solution for all of your uncontested divorce needs.

Their service offers the ability for you to have them handle everything after you complete your paperwork. They’ll take your completed forms to your local courthouse, figure out if there are any local county paperwork that’s needed and resolve, and will serve your spouse.

It’s Over Easy positions themselves as the Premium option on the market. Although they are new to the space, the service offering and reviews are a great indicator that their here to stay

Until now, no other provider on the market has been able to successfully offer a full service online divorce filing service like It’s Over Easy. They’re definitely on the right track to changing the industry and have been praised by many media outlets.

What does It’s Over Easy Cost?

It’s Over Easy offers three prices for three different packages, and also lets customers pay on installment plans.

It's Over Easy pricing page offers three options: $99, $999, $1,999


  • Does not include filing service fees
  • Includes serving services
  • Great for no kids


  • They will file your paperwork at the court (if any forms need to be refilled, they will do it at no extra cost to you
  • Electronic signing
  • Community Property proposal
  • They handle the research of your local filing laws and requirements and if something comes up, they handle it.
  • Interactive Co-parenting calendar that makes developing a plan easier if you have children. Includes syncing with google calendar
  • Child or Spousal support calculators are included to make figuring out the number much easier. The calculator works based on your state’s divorce laws and takes into consideration a spouses financial and situational information that’s provided by both spouses.
  • State filing fees for two people are included, based on your state’s required fee(s)

What Features do they offer?

It’s Over Easy features are very similar to other providers but as discussed above, their big differentiator is their ability to handle filing your paperwork.

  • File a divorce in all 50 states
  • Email and technical phone support.
  • Access to a list of divorce professionals at a low cost (mediators, lawyers, counselors and more).
  • A section with helpful tips when filing a divorce and what to expect.
  • A clean platform that is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Allows you to invite your spouse to participate within the filing process on their platform
  • Custody calendar that integrates with google calendar (the Only online provider that offers it)
  • 100% Court acceptance and up to date forms
  • Easy to navigate online platform
  • Phone and email support

Pros and Cons


  • Gives you the option to start for free
  • They’ll review and file your paperwork for you
  • They’ll serve your spouse
  • If you and your spouse can not agree on one or two things, the good is that they can have you work with an expert mediator, accountant, child custody, family counselor, or a family law expert at a low fee (Fees are NOT given upfront but they state it would be at a fraction of the cost if you were to hire someone yourself)
  • Easily amend and update sections
  • Upgrade anytime
  • A founder who knows the divorce process extensively


  • The price is on the high end and is not totally accessible for those needing a low costing solution.
  • NO REFUNDS They make it clear that they have a 100% no refund policy no matter the situation. If you and a spouse decide to reconcile, this or any other such reason will not be reason enough to receive a refund.
  • They charge a fee if you need to consult with an expert on their team but all technical support is included with their service at no additional fee.
  • Does not provide annulment or separation filings

Their Customer Service

Due to the age of the business, there aren’t many reviews online we could find to give us a definite answer as to the quality of their customer experience.

Although the reviews are limited, when we reached out to simply ask questions as a potential customer, the customer service was very helpful and most importantly friendly.

Are They Right For You?

If you’re okay with serving your spouse and filing your paperwork with instructions from your courthouse, it may be best to choose their DIY plan ($99).

But if you would like to have all your paperwork filed for you and your spouse served for you, their premium services provide the hands-off solution when it comes to divorce. Other online divorce services focus only on the paperwork, but It’s Over Easy goes a bit deeper in having an understanding of not only your state laws but also your county laws in case any additional forms are needed.

Our Final Verdict on It’s Over Easy.

If you find the divorce process hard to figure out and don’t want to worry about which papers  you need to fill out, It’s Over Easy will be the best choice to go with.

The ability to simply fill out the forms by answering questions on their platform, and having them review and file them at your local court is a life saver and time saver. Although they’re a limited amount of reviews online, the service seems very promising and fills a much needed gap in the online divorce space.

We don’t like there is no refund policy, but they’re the best route to go if you’re serious about getting a divorce and being as hands off as possible. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for new reviews to make sure our review is kept up to date for our readers.

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