Our Family Wizard Product Review


So you’re considering if Our Family Wizard is the right fit for you, or you’ve been recommended to use it by someone. In either case, the tool is well worth the money and helps  ensure you and your ex spouse will be on the same page moving forward.

Divorce can be an extremely stressful both for you and your family, especially if you are going through one or have gone through one recently. While things may be quite tense with your ex-spouse and you may not want to really communicate with your partner, it may be necessary for the sake of your children, especially if they are very young.

Younger children can be quite vulnerable and can be affected mentally and psychologically due to the disturbances occurring due to your divorce. At such a time, it is extremely important for you to communicate with your ex-spouse so that you can create an effective and a manageable co-parenting plan. With good co-parenting, you can reduce the conflict between your spouse and you and this will benefit the overall well-being of your children. This is where Our Family Wizard comes in.

  1. Our Family Wizard ($144)
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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • OFW provides an exclusive way in which high-conflict parents can communicate after divorce. This helps to avoid phone calls between parents that can result in conflicts. This can help to create a more harmonious environment for the children who need not witness arguments and fights between their parents who are undergoing a divorce or have just been divorced.
  • OFW is a scheduling forum for parents who are very busy and challenged for time and are under great pressure to remember where they need to be and when.
  • It helps to provide documentation of events that cannot be altered, manipulated or falsified. For instance, emails can be altered and changed by a parent and it can be rewritten, printed out and submitted as evidence in court.
  • OFW has all the documents available in an organized manner which can be made available in case they are required by the family court if a dispute arises.
  • The website allows certain functions to be modified such as schedules until the day of the event; however, the functions cannot be altered after a certain period.
  • The printouts of documents on Our Family Wizard can be got without a subpoena and can be used in court proceedings.
  • If a parent is being harassed by the co-parent, he or she can make use of Our Family Wizard to defend their case.


  • The website requires costs around $140 per spouse annually.
  • If ordered by the court or given permission, people such as lawyers, judges, mental health professionals and family mediators can access your OFW account and information.
  • Using OFW may be a problem if either of the parents is not computer savvy.
  • In the case one parent is constantly sending messages, demands or offers, the other parent may be put under undue pressure to respond to the co-parent’s constant demands.

What is Our Family Wizard?

Owned by Avirat Inc., the Our Family Wizard (OFW) is a unique software system that provides newly divorced or separated parents a new and effective way to manage all the details and things related to co-parenting. The website provides a neutral space which facilitates communications between the divorced parents and helps to eliminate conflict and improve the lives of the children involved. You can also use the Our Family Wizard mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

The OFW website is much more than a visitation calendar for divorced parents. The website offers a range of tools that has many features and allows divorced parents to:

  • Schedule parenting time and track it.
  • Share information.
  • Manage payments and expenses.
  • Create a clear and accurate communication record.
  • Our Family Wizard helps to create a secure and centralized location that can help you document and share all the important information pertaining to your family from any place.



Our Family Wizard app feature: calendar

The Our Family Wizard Calendar allows you to eliminate any confusion regarding parenting time responsibilities. The accurate

documentation and clear records can help to prevent any misunderstandings and conflicts regarding schedules. You can simply log in to your OFW account via the website or the mobile app and add events, create schedules, work out trades, etc. Best of all, they help you keep an accurate record of the family plans so that you and your co-parent are on the same page.

The Calendar allows you to:

  • Plan holiday parenting schedules in advance to prevent confusion and arguments.
  • Create custom holidays representing birthdays, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • Manage a shared parenting time calendar from different homes.
  • Make requests for modifications in parenting time via the Swap/Trade tool.
  • Share details of family events and activities.
  • Record the histories of all the entries made in the shared calendar.
  • Customized downloads and printouts of the schedules, calendar entries, swap and trade histories, etc.

Message Board

Our Family Wizard app feature: message board

The message board of Our Family Wizard is much more than just email and allows you to:

  • Receive and send messages to your co-parent, children, other family members and family professionals.
  • It helps to protect the messages from being edited or getting lost.
  • Completely eliminates the risk of getting ads, viruses and spam in your email.
  • The ToneMeter feature checks the tone of your messages and identifies and flags any emotionally conflicting messages and allows you to adjust the tone of the messages before sending them.
  • Notifies you of any new entries or messages from your co-parent, family members or professionals.
  • You can download and print your messages free of cost.

Info Bank

Our Family Wizard app feature: info bank

The Information Bank of Our Family Wizard ensures that all your important information is at your fingertips and it lets you:

  • Manage all your shared and private family information in a secure and convenient location.
  • Share details such as medical information, insurance details, emergency contacts, school schedules and activity schedules.
  • Organize all the information into various sections that eliminate the requirement for you to search for details.
  • Upload photographs and files to keep private or to share.

Expense Log

Our Family Wizard app feature: expense log

OFW offers a simple way to manage the shared expenditure and helps to:

  • Have a clear idea of the spending related to your children, thus, reducing financial stress.
  • Track the shared expenses related to child support, extracurricular activities, medical costs that are not reimbursed, etc.
  • Upload the invoices and receipts for every expense made by each parent.
  • Classify the expenses on basis of the type to determine the amount each parent is responsible for.
  • Get accurate and customized reports of all the transactions, payments and expenditure, free of cost.
  • Make online payments securely via OFWPay making use of the OFW Expense Log and document any payments which are made outside of Our Family Wizard. OFWPay helps to streamline the reimbursements and payments between the parents on OFW and also keeps each parent’s financial information secure.
  • All the entries related to expenses are protected from being modified or deleted by the co-parent.
  • Get automatic calculations and reports of each parent’s share of expense on basis of the approval status and category.
  • The OFW tools are easy to use and are designed to keep all your information secure. All your information and activity is protected with firewalls, several encryption levels and high-security SSL certificates, among other things.


Our Family Wizard app feature: journal

The Journal feature allows you to:

  • Document all your ideas and details in an organized format that can be searched easily.
  • Make notes that you need not worry about losing.
  • Share your observations and insights with your co-parent and professionals.
  • Review all your entries anytime you want and reflect and alter your co-parenting strategies.
  • Make a note of any last minute changes to the schedule in case you need them for reference later on.
  • Keep track of the emotional health and well-being of your children and other family members.
  • Easily print the documents and reports whenever required.


For parents

The Our Family Wizard App is extremely handy and allows you to keep track of all the information anytime and from anywhere. The app lets you:

  • Have access to your account from your mobile device from any place across the globe.
  • Connect to the calendar and check the family schedule instantly.
  • Manage expenses easily by simply uploading the photos of your receipts using your smartphone.
  • Secure toolset, communicate with your children, co-parent, family professionals and
    other family members from anywhere.
  • Our Family Wizard mobile apps are available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Kindle Fire devices.

For professionals

The OFW Professional app for iOS devices allows the family mental health and law professionals to access all the important information related to their clients anytime and anywhere. Whether you are the therapist working with the family, the mediator or the law judge requiring access to the information of the litigant, the Practitioner app allows you to:

  • Access client information on any iOS device.
  • Create new client accounts easily.
  • Link to the clients who are using the OFW website already.
  • Review the client’s account activity and history.
  • Respond to client requests for access.
  • Respond to messages from clients and send messages to your clients.
  • View your account settings and manage them such as PIN code for easy access, password and Touch ID entry.


The notifications feature allows you to stay on top of things and allows you to:

  • Keep up with all the new activity on OFW with notifications.
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone via text message, push alerts and send emails via the app.
  • Customize how you want to receive the notifications and when you want to receive them.

Customer Support

The customer support team of OFW are available via phone or email on all 7 days of the week and they can help parents with any queries regarding the service and their account. From helping to create the parenting schedule to granting access to professional attorneys, the customer representatives can help parents in all aspects.



  • Cost: $144
  • The package includes:
    • 1-year subscription access
    • 1-year ToneMeter
    • 5 GB Space for a year
    • Auto-Renewal (optional)


  • Cost: $204
  • The package includes:
    • 2-year OFW subscription
    • 2-year ToneMeter
    • 5 GB Space for 2 years
    • Auto-Renewal (optional)

Parent account features

  • Shared & private family calendars
  • Message Board with ToneMeter
  • Reminders and notifications and Reminders
  • Information bank
  • Journal
  • OFWpay or expense log
  • Access to important documents (My Files)
  • Family Resource section

Child accounts (free)

Each child has access to the special child account and the child accounts have the following features:

  • Viewing the shared family calendar
  • Creating and viewing journal entries
  • Viewing the message boards
  • Viewing and using the family resource section

3rd party accounts (free)

The 3rd party account allows the 3rd party to view information relevant to them and allows:

  • Viewing the shared family calendar
  • Viewing the message board
  • Viewing and using the family resource section
  • Creating and viewing journal entries

Professional accounts (free)

The Professional account is linked to the parents account so that there is no duplication of information and the account allows you to:

  • Create parent accounts
  • Manage a database of all your clients
  • Store important client documents (court orders, judgment, decree, etc.)
  • Create client to-do lists
  • Communicate with clients

Professional bulk purchase options

Several professionals offer the Our Family Wizard parent account as part of the retainer agreement to their clients and OFW offers volume packages at discounted rates which are available only for professionals. The package sizes depend on the size of the practice and volume buying options include:

Solo practitioner

  • Cost: $899.00 for 10 parent accounts

Small practice

  • Cost: $1740.00 for 20 parent accounts

Large practice

  • Cost: $2520.00 for 30 parent accounts

Overall, Our Family Wizard is a co-parent network that is aimed at improving family relationships by improving communication between parents and the family, especially in the case of a recent divorce between the parents. The tools provided by Our Family Wizard are excellent and can help the parents to organize their lives in a better manner and also communicate with one another effectively. Overall, it helps provide a stable and healthy environment for their children without exposing them to conflict, which can be detrimental to their overall well-being and happiness.

Give them a try today.